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The manufacture of disposable, polypropylene medical Hollowware represents our core activity. The comprehensive range of Bowls, Trays, Kidney Dish Receivers, Gallipots and Jugs in their bulk, non-sterile format are packed and despatched for presentation directly into the controlled environment of a Clean Room for on-site processing.

Each piece of Hollowware can be supplied pre-sterile in several choices of presentation many of which are delivered from stock. Individual packing with a single wrap assures the integrity of a sterile product at Ward or Clinical level with additional handling security afforded by double-wrapping as commonly demanded for Theatre use.

Standard Bowl Set assemblies are similarly available from stock and our bespoke service to configure a Hollowware pack that exactly delivers the required components best demonstrates the flexibility of our Class 7 Clean Room facility.

Single-use polyware is supplemented by moulded pulp and aluminium foil products in the form of Trays, Kidney Dishes, Bowls and Gallipots together with traditional CSSD consumables including Swabs, Towels, clinical Instruments and Waste Bags.

Many of the Consumable items are available from stock packed in a pre-sterile presentation both single and double-wrapped.

Ward-based Procedure ‘soft’ Packs are manufactured to support a variety of practices encompassing Woundcare (both Irrigation and Dressing), Catheterisation and Suture Insertion/Removal. An extensive selection of components provides the basis to offer a competitive response to specific Pack assemblies.

Patient Care products, suitable for use at both Acute and Community level, include Medicine Measures and Tablet Cups together with Sputum and Denture Pots.

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