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Consumables such as Pulp, Foil, Non-Woven and Paper Products are widely used to support Medical and Surgical Procedures within Hospitals Wards, A&E departmenthese areas ats, Clinics and Veterinary Practices. Our products used within re Single-Use disposable, which greatly reduces the risk of cross contamination.

Commodity products include Pulp Kidney Dishes and Trays, Foil Bowls, Non-Woven Swabs and Dressing Towels.

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The pulp kidney dishes and trays are typically used to carry soiled dressings and medical waste. Additionally they are used when preparing for a procedure as a vehicle for carrying Instruments, dressings, needles and syringes. Pulp products are suitable for safe and hygienic disposal in hospital macerators.

The foil bowls have various uses throughout general wards and A&E departments. Uses range from urine collection to holding liquids prior to medical examinations and procedures.

Non-Woven swabs are used to debride and cleanse minor wounds. They can also be used for applying antiseptic and to cover the wound.

Dressing Towels are in general use in all wards and clinics and are used for drying or protecting a part of the body or a surface.

Universal containers have many uses and are commonly used to store and transport urine and histology samples for analysis. These are available Sterile in 30ml and 60ml single or double wrapped.

PE Tissue is a tissue backed laminate and is commonly used by kit manufacturers in the process of building procedure and theatre pack assemblies. The PE tissue is used as an outer wrap on a pack, once the pack is opened it creates a sterile field which is absorbent for fluids and also waterproof to prevent 'strike through' of fluids.

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