Plastic Hollowware (Single-Use Disposable)

Hospitals, CSSD's, HSDU's, NHS Trusts and benefit from our UK manufacturing and supply of our CE marked, Class 1 plastic hollowware products. Medical manufacturers across the world utilise our products within their clean rooms to assemble custom procedure trays. Our plastic hollowware, available as both sterile and non-sterile products, include our best-selling 250ml gallipot bowl, kidney dishes, kidney bowls, kidney basins and diathermy quivers.

The 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 2000ml bowls are often referred to as lotion bowls or sponge bowls. They are typically used to hold liquids for an operation site prior to a surgical procedure. They are also used for holding sterile water, and some hospitals use the bowls for urine collection. The 4000ml bowl is a single patient use washbowl, used by the patient for the duration of their stay in hospital. The 5000ml theatre bowl is used within the operating theatre and is used for discarded trauma site debris and fluids.

Single-use disposable bowl set assemblies are available from stock and our bespoke service allows customers to order sets exactly to their individual requirements.

Our kidney dishes come in three sizes – 20cm / 8 inch, 25cm / 10 inch and 30cm / 12 inch. They are commonly use at ward level and within operating theatres. Frequently used for holding components during a medical procedure, they also used to hold fluids to cleanse a trauma site, as vomit bowls because the kidney shape allows them to be held against the body. The large 30cm / 12” is used in many labour suites as a placenta dish.

Diathermy quivers are used for holding diathermy instruments during electro-surgical procedures. DLS also offer a quiver extension for use in laparoscopic procedures.

Our range of plastic hollowware products also includes trays, jugs, medicine measures and spoons, available in a range of colours as required by the colour coding needs of a ward or department.

Instrument trays are commonly used to hold the components when assembling a custom procedure set, and used within clean rooms and hospital CSSD departments (Central Sterilisation Service Departments). Dressing trays are used in the assembly of minor procedure packs. These will hold all the components such as swabs, forceps and gloves. The minor packs are used at ward level, clinics and A&E departments. Injection trays are used in hospital departments for storing and transporting hypodermic needles, sharps, dressing material and instruments.


Each piece of Hollowware can be supplied sterile in either a single wrapped or double wrapped presentation.


A comprehensive range of Single-Use Disposable Bowls, Trays, Kidney Dish Receivers, Gallipots, Quivers and Jugs supplied in bulk, non-sterile format.

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