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A range of disposable consumables for bedside use on the ward, in neighbourhood clinics and within the community are produced from materials that can be safely used in a non-sterile presentation for administering care to the patient whether providing medication, collecting samples or performing disciplines of hygiene.

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DLS Medical's Single-Patient Use Washbowl is 25cm in diameter and moulded in polypropylene. It is designed to be sufficiently rigid to provide confidence in use for both the Patient and Nurse whilst maintaining an economy in weight that makes it suitable for disposal when the patient is discharged. The objective remains to contain the risk of cross-infection by allocating an individual Bowl to each Patient for the duration of their stay in hospital.

Waxed cups/pots are used for dispensing tablets within healthcare environments. Made from waxed paper they are designed to be single-use disposable which reduces the risk of contamination or cross infection.

Single-use disposable Medicine Measures are used for dispensing a fluid measure of medication and are available in sizes 30ml and 60ml and have graduated increments.

Denture containers for bedside use on the ward for safely storing patients dentures. Patients details can be entered on to the printed lid to ensure owner identification. Name............ Date............ Ward.............

Hygiene Packs are issued to Patients and include everything required to maintain hygiene. These packs are also issued to homeless people living on the streets. Each pack contains: 1 x Hand Towel, 1 x Face Cloth, 1 x Pack of Handy Wipes, 1 x Toothbrush, 1 x Toothpaste, 1 x Soap Bar, 1 x Shampoo Sachet and 1 x Razor. All Hygiene Packs and Sets can be assembled to the customers required specification.

Medibowls are made from paper pulp and can be used within Patient Care as vomit bowls and as a vehicle for carrying dressings, syringes and medical waste before and after a procedure is carried out on the patient.

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