Single-Use disposable Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments available in sterile single-wrapped and double-wrapped presentation. Bulk non-sterile is also available for on site processing in hospital CSSD's and Medical manufacturers.

Our direct customer base includes NHS Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Cosmetic Surgery Clinics.

We also utilise the service of nominated distributors for distribution of our products throughout Europe.

Gynaecology and Obstetrics

A selection of our Instruments for use in Gynaecology and Obstetrics in our range include the following:

Cusco Vaginal Speculums which are used in some gynaecological procedures and to inspect the cervix are available in sizes Virgin, Small, Medium, Medium/Long, Large. These can be supplied with or without a smoke extractor. Also available in the Cusco range are Simm's and Wintertons.

Uterine Sounds are used to determine the uterine depth and may also be used to measure the length and direction of the cervical canal and uterus prior to a procedure.

Dilators are a round curved instrument with a single or double end and are commonly used for dilation of the cervix and also to access the depth of cavity prior to insertion of Intrauterine Device. Commonly referred to as IUD or The Coil.

Umbilical Cord Scissors are used in Obstetrics to cut the umbilical cord after delivery of new born babies.

We also stock a range of Podiatry Instruments which includes a Blacks File which is designed for treatment and/or prevention of ingrown toenails. It is used to gently file the sides and beneath the nail. Diamond Deb File which effectively files thick nails and hard skin. Nail Nippers, Clippers and Cutters are used to trim the nails.

General Surgery Instrumentation.

Rampley Sponge Holders which are used to grip swabs, these are then used for preparing a surgical site, they can also be used to absorb body fluids and for stopping the flow of blood during a surgical procedure.

Tissue/Artery Forceps used during a surgical procedure to hold onto or manipulate tissue and to clamp blood vessels. Sometimes referred to as Hemostats they are also used to apply pressure to a severed artery. The handle has a locking mechanism.

Needle Holders are used to hold the needle when sewing body tissue.

Our scissors come in various sizes and are both straight and curved depending upon the type. Straight Mayo Scissors are used for cutting and dissecting and are sometimes referred to as Suture Scissors.

The Curved Mayo Scissors are used to dissect or undermine thick fibrous tissue and the curve also allows deeper penetration into a surgical site.

Curved Metzenbaum Scissors are used to dissect and undermine delicate tissue.

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A variety of wrap types are used.

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